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Residential Programs

Our Residential Program provides children and youth with a family‑like, values- centered home environment. Our holistic continuum of care includes attention to the educational, psychological, emotional, and medical needs of each child. All children in our residential program participate in our educational program, where university graduation is the goal.

Educational Program

The Esperanza Juvenil Educational Center serves the children in our residential program and students from the community who will be a part of Esperanza Juvenil through university graduation. Esperanza Juvenil's educational program aims to develop children who are creative thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators and "doers" -- action-oriented people who will create positive change in Guatemala.

Road to Excellence: Preparation for the University and Life Beyond

Esperanza Juvenil provides its youth with the support they need to succeed at the university level. The Road to Excellence college preparation curriculum empowers our youth to become capable professionals and leaders who have the skills, education, and self-motivation to address the urgent issues in their communities and work for positive change. The curriculum consists of five years of programming addressing college preparation, work force readiness and life skills.